“Climate Adaptation Days” Seminar in Sandnes, Norway August 30th – 31st 2017


For the second year in a row the Climate Adaptation Days Seminar, arranged by the Skjeveland Group AS, was held in the Rogaland region of Southwest Norway.

SGIA Board member Bent Braskerud participated and has summarized the seminar and his impressions in a short report (Norwegian language.)

The seminar had a strong focus on storm water treatment and blue-green solutions. The list of speakers at the seminar included Kristin Halvorsen (Cicero), Magnar Sekse (City of Bergen), Christen Ræstad, Louise Fiil Hansen (SLA architects), Erling Holm, Gullik Gulliksen, Bengt Tovslid (Bergknapp), Edvard Sivertsen (Sintef-byggforsk), Svein Ole Åstebøl (COWI) and others.

Presentations from the seminar can be downloaded here.