Become a member of SGIA

As member of the Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association you gain access to a network of entrepreneurs and organisations with an commitment for sustainable green roofs, green walls and urban green infrastructure. You will support the associations mission and together with others dissolve the paradigm of building gray in favor of green. As member your company or organisation can offer your expertise, tools and innovations to others at our events, website and within the network of the association.

Membership levels

Platina member

Platina members are main sponsors of the associations educational activities, developing projects and events for dissemination of knowledge and inspiration.

Gold member

Gold members sponsor the associations educational activities, developing projects and events for dissemination of knowledge and inspiration.

Silver member

Silver members are supportive members of events for dissemination of knowledge and inspiration.

Standard member

Friend member

Member dues

Member fees comprise both member fee of 500 SEK / year and service fee for the membership level. All members are stakeholders within the associations network but choose between a member level of Platina (service fee 50 000 - 100 000 SEK + VAT), Gold (9500 SEK + VAT), Silver in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (4000 SEK + VAT) or Silver in Finland (3000 SEK + VAT). Platina members sign a contract with exclusive sponsor rights and commitments.

SGIA membership benefits

Benefits Friend Standard Silver (FI) Silver (SE,DK,NO) Gold Platina
Newsletter in swedish or english (4 times/year)
Free entrance to the Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden
Invitation to SGIA activities throughout Scandinavia
Possibility to nominate projects to Green Roof Award
Possibility to be elected to the board of SGIA and the jury of Green Roof Award
Name, logo and description on association website & at SGRI
50% discount on seminar fee, 20% discount on study tour & courses fee (excluding travel) 1 person 1 person 3 people Unlimited
Possibility to market project/projects on website. 2 projects 3 projects
Free guided visit on Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden and eco‐city Augustenborg for up to 25 people
Possibility to show products on roof and/or in the Institute
Co‐host of seminar, award or other activity

Apply for membership

Thank you for your interest in the Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association, the Scandinavian most influential community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the realm of Scandinavian green roofs, green walls and green infrastructure. Members of the SGIA are companies or organisations dedicated to our shared interest and mission of the association.

Organisation / Company
Invoicing Adress
ZIP & City
Contact Person
Phone number
Level of membership

Here is a brief look at the application process:

1. Application Review

Once received, your application will be reviewed by the board of SGIA.

2. Communication

You will be contacted by a representative from the association about your application.