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Green Roof Award

The Scandinavian Green Roof Prize has been awarded annually to the best green roof project in Scandinavia since the prize’s inception in 2000 as an initiative of The City of Malmö. The prize tradition is intended to inspire the Scandinavian green roof market toward excellence and to raise public and professional awareness about the multiple benefits of green roofs. The prize acknowledges an organization’s or individual’s role in creating a green roof that raises the standard for quality and value in our field.

Green Roof Award Winner of 2018

The Greenest of the green, Helsinki Finland
TA Companies Ltd (TA-yhtiöt)

“The Greenest of the green is a clear example of the multifunctionality and importance of urban green infrastructure, not only in the manifested project but also through the process of involvement during the development of the building. The project goes further than most other projects with its ambitions to include several different vegetation systems with different functions and goals. It is a brave and enthusiastic project that includes contemporary ideas about how green buildings can be designed and built at the same time as setting an environmental benchmark for the future.”

Green roof projects from all Scandinavian countries are eligible for nomination. The criteria for judging the winner of the award are:

The variety of plants species and animals, and specific design for habitat replication.

How the green roof utilizes rainwater and / or been part of the strategy for climate change adaptation.

Recreational value
To which extent the green roof offers recreational values.

Material selection that supports circular economy and does not include materials with a heavy environmental impact.

Spectacular and innovative design, and / or multi-functional design concepts.


Application for the Green Roof Prize must be sent to using the template downloadable here no later than October 12th, 2019. Don't forget to attach photos of the site!