Green Roof Award

The Scandinavian Green Roof Prize has been awarded annually to the best green roof project in Scandinavia since the prize’s inception in 2000 as an initiative of The City of Malmö.

The prize tradition is intended to inspire the Scandinavian green roof market toward excellence and to raise public and professional awareness about the multiple benefits of green roofs. The prize acknowledges an organization’s or individual’s role in creating a green roof that raises the standard for quality and value in our field.

Green roof projects from all Scandinavian countries are eligible for nomination. The criteria for judging the winner of the award are:

  • Biodiversity: The variety of plants species and animals, and specific design for habitat replication.
  • Water: How the green roof utilizes rainwater and / or been part of the strategy for climate change adaptation.
  • Recreational value: To which extent the green roof offers recreational values.
  • Sustainability: Material selection that supports circular economy and does not include materials with a heavy environmental impact.
  • Spectacular and innovative design, and / or multi-functional design concepts.

Nominations for the 2017 Green Roof Prize must be sent to using the template downloadable here no later than September 19th, 2017.

Travel Guide to Sweden and Finland

In this Sweden travel guide we want to share the top places, accommodation, most useful tips and advice for Sweden. Sweden is a country located on the northernmost rim of the Baltic Sea. This country is divided into five main regions namely Lisse, Skokkloster, Sverige, Norrby andatten parts. When you are in Sweden, be sure to take the time to see all of its amazing tourist attractions.

You are looking for a Finland travel guide because you want to go abroad and enjoy its exciting culture, beautiful lakes, seacoasts and geothermal wonders. Finland is a Northern European country bordering Russia, Norway and Sweden. Its capital, Helsinki, takes on an old-fashioned peninsula and surrounding small islands on the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is also home to the world-famous 18th-century navy fortress Suomenlinna, rich in art and tourist attractions. The Northern Lights are easily visible from Finland's Arctic Lapland region, a large untamed wilderness with national parks, ski resorts and vast untamed wilderness. A Finland travel guide will tell you more about the culture, nature and tourist attractions in this country. 

Finland is not just popular for its beautiful landscape and serene atmosphere, but also for its vibrant nightlife. The dance clubs in Finland are known all over the world and are frequented by both locals and expats. The best thing about the nightlife in Finland is that it doesn't have a set dress code. You can go to any club in Finland at any time of the day or night. It might be the beginning of a great adventurous adventure. If you want to meet gorgeous and stunningly beautiful Finnish women, the first thing you should do is to find out what is the best place in which to spend your evenings.

Why You Should See Sweden 

Visiting Sweden would not be complete without seeing one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country; Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, a fantastic place to visit and is filled with historical buildings and sights that will fascinate you for days to come. The best way to get the full effect of visiting Stockholm would be to take part in one of the many guided tours that are available in Sweden. These guided tours will give you a unique experience as you discover some of the many famous sights in Stockholm.

When speaking with other men from abroad and telling them that you live in Sweden many times they will ask you, are Swedish girls as beautiful as they claim? And need to say the answer is an emphatic yes but do not expect them to all be blonde, blue-eyed and slim. The fact is that there are different kinds of faces and characters among the Swedish girl population but the overall appearance is pretty much the same. Here is what every beautiful Swedish girl should be... A beautiful smile. This is one thing Swedish women can never lack. From the innocent looking faces to the winning smiles, each one of these women should carry a beautiful smile that is always on their face. Of course, this does not mean that they all smile the same, but the general trend for Swedish brides seems to be that they all have a happy and open smile even if they are not smiling at your face. 

Skokkloster is another popular tourist destination in Sweden. Skokloster offers a beautiful coastline and is near the village of Marsta where you will find some of the most famous amusement parks in all of Scandinavia. A great time to visit in Skokloster is at the beginning or end of summer. This is the season when the majority of the tourist attractions are closed and most of the amusement parks are fully operational. In Skokloster, you will find the amusement parks, museums, palaces and churches all run at full steam throughout the year.

The third and last best tourist spot to see in Sweden are its capital city of Stockholm. Stockholm is an attractive city to any visitor to Europe. It is the capital of Sweden and is situated on the river Arlanda. During your visit to Stockholm, you will want to go to this area of the city for some of the best views of the city from the river. This area is also the home to the Royal Palace, which serves as the country's biggest and most important palace.

One of the most interesting sights to see while in Stockholm are the Skagerrak islands. The Skagerrak Islands is small islands off the west coast of Sweden, that are located between the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak. These islands are like a piece of Europe separated by the North Sea. These islands are home to a number of historic ruins dating back to the Iron Age. In order to see the islands, you must make a trip to the Skagerrak where you can fly into and take a boat ride to the islands.

Excellent Finland Travel Guide Books

A Finland travel guide will help you decide the best time to visit Finland. Since Finland is a closed country, it follows the solar year. There is therefore no spring or autumn, thus making the months of July and August the hottest months in Finland. The best time to see Finland would be from mid June to mid September. In summer, the best time to visit Finland is from mid April to mid June. The northernmost and southernmost parts of Finland experience the most dramatic changes in temperature throughout the year.

One of the best ways to see the sights of Finland is by taking a train that crosses the border between Finland and Russia. From Finland's capital of Helsinki you can take a direct train into Russia and get off at Moscow. A Finland travel guide will tell you more about the journey and the different routes on which you can reach Finland.

The Finland's cultural diversity is very attractive to foreign tourists. You will find an abundance of beautiful palaces, churches and other historical buildings here. A Finland travel guide will help you recognize the main architectural features of Finnish culture and highlight the architectural wonders without spending too much money. If you like the Finnish music and dance, then a Finland tour will help you discover the cultural significance of this ancient culture.

If you are a real nature lover, then you will love visiting the Tinnies. These are national parks in Finland which are considered to be the most beautiful and romantic places to visit in Europe. The Tinnies are not as developed as other tourist spots. Thus, if you want to see the perfect combination of geographical beauty and culture, then you should definitely visit the Tinnies. The best time for visiting these parks is between May and September.

Finland has plenty of tourist spots but some are more appealing than the others. Thus, when planning your Finland travel planning, you should always keep your eyes open for the best tourist spots. Moreover, a Finland guide book can definitely offer you all these amazing experiences. If you really want to enjoy a complete Finland experience, then a Finland guide book is your ultimate option.

The Finland travel planning activity can also include the use of the services of some excellent Finland online service providers. Such sites offer complete assistance in preparing a perfect Finland tour package. One of the services offered by these portals includes the preparation of a Finland tour itinerary. Such websites also offer the services of a Finland travel guide book which comes packed with all the major sightseeing destinations and information about them. This kind of Finland guide book is a perfect match for any kind of Finland tour packages.

The 2017 award will be presented in conjunction with the BiodiverCity project’s concluding conference in Malmö November 22nd and 23rd, 2017.

Do you know of a green roof project that could be worthy of the 2017 prize? Please support green roof quality in Scandinavia by making a nomination!