Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association

The Scandinavian Green Infrastructure Association (SGIA) is a non-profit organisation with members from academia, municipal departments, green roof entrepreneurs, architects, developers and other organisations with an interest in green roofs and urban green infrastructure.
the roof garden.

The board of SGIA has a mission statement that explains the purpose with the organisation - why SGIA?

SGIA drives a re-naturing of Scandinavian cities together with members and other partners, by showing the value of and removing obstacles for sustainable green roofs, walls and infrastructure. Together we are dissolving the paradigm of building grey, and establishing a new resilient collaboration with nature.


The associations was formed in 2001 with an objective to create a network for research at Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden i Malmö which open to the public the same year 2001. In order to organize the activities at the roof garden the association later formed the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute which today still manage study tours, courses and seminars at the roof garden.

How SGIA operates

SGIA build the bridge between Scandinavian actors of green infrastructure by creating a platform for sharing knowledge, gaining inspiration and creating collaboration between actors dedicated to the development of resilient green infrastructure. SGIA work actively to guide the development of Scandinavian cities towards liveable cities through the process of re-naturing urban areas and in this way accomplishing benefits for both nature, people and the economy.

With the network and platform of the organization, the SGIA supplies the professional building community with credible evidence based information regarding building integrated vegetation technology as well as related policy and technical guidelines. SGIA also serves the professional community with outlook and inspirational visionary examples within the scope of the organization.