Announcing the Green Roof Award winner 2016

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award for 2016 is awarded to The City of Egedal, Denmark.

The Egedal Kommune has been awarded The Scandinavian Green Roof Association’s (SGRA’s) annual green roof prize for 2016 for its outstanding green roofs at the Egedal City hall and Health Care Center.

The annual award is given to recognize excellence in the field of green roofs and to inspire owners, designers and builders toward quality and innovation in new projects. The criteria for judging the prize winner are:

  • Biodiversity: The variety of plants species and specific design for habitat replication.
  • Water: How the green roof utilizes rainwater and / or been part of the strategy for climate change adaptation.
  • Recreational value: To which extent the green roof offers recreational values.
  • Sustainability: Material selection that supports circular economy and does not include materials with an heavy environmental impact.
  • Spectacular and innovative design, and / or multi-functional design concepts

David Brasfield, Chairperson for SGRA, awarded the prize to Pernille Kinunnen of Malmos Landscape Contractors in Helsinki last Thursday at the Green Building Seminar marking the Green year in Finland. MALMOS Contractors accepted the prize on behalf of The City of Egedal. Brasfield credited the city’s sustainability program for the building project competition, excellent design work from SLA landscape architects and the city’s strong and successful collaboration with the builders and landscape architects for the quality and innovation shown in the green roof project.

The project features a total roof of 2.774 m2 with extensive, Intensive and semi- Intensive green roof vegetation. It has a landscaped garden in different shapes with harmonic and functionality, accessible at all times to the public. The jury of the Scandinavian Green Roof Award choice of Egedal City Hall and Healthcare Centre as the winner of the award is primarily based on the criteria’s of recreational value that the green roof project create. The use of renewable materials and the roofs contribution to biodiversity is also valued high by the jury.

“The green roof on the new Egedal City Hall + Health Care Center is a good example of how using nature innovatively can add both functional as well as recreational qualities to a building. Using a wide variety of local plants and species we have dramatically improved the biodiversity of the area as well as the storm water management capabilities of the building; while also creating a nice, social and sensuous roof space – for the public, for the municipality workers and for the residents and users of the health care center. It is really amazing to have collaborated on this project with Egedal Municipality who has continuously prioritized and emphasized the many great benefits of green roofs throughout the design and construction process.”

Kristoffer Holm Pedersen, SLA Landscape architects and urban planners, Denmark

”Egedal Municipality is very happy with the result of the roof garden project. The garden meets the requirements that we had concerning both an outdoor space for activities for the Health Care Center and a lush green spot in our new urban city area in which it sets a great standard for the coming construction projects.”

Uffe Rasmussen, Egedal municipal property development corporation, Denmark

“The setting of Egedal City Hall and Health Care Center for the Scandinavian Green Roof Award, is not only about size and design. It is the story about how Egedal Municipality has integrated the green roof in their new sustainable City Hall and Health Care Center – a building that now stands as the spearhead for the urban development of the new district, Egedal City.

The technical system solution, based on recycled materials, consist of a water drainage system and 10-40 cm of substrate. This kind of system build up allow large amount of rainwater to retain and delay on the roof and is an important contribution to climate change adaptation. The thick layer of substrate also allows for great variation in the composition of plants, which gives a lush garden and contributes to increased biodiversity.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Egedal Municipality, who has been very ambitious and persistent in carrying out a sustainable building and green roof, and to work with a landscape architect and adviser as SLA. Congratulations to Egedal Municipality for the excellent result and the Award.”

Pernille Kinunnen, MALMOS landscape contractors, Denmark

The jury of the Scandinavian Green Roof Award consist of board members from the Associations board and the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute.

For more information on the SGRA annual award, please contact Jonatan Malmberg at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute: or +46 (0) 723 00 22 23