Green Roof Award

The Scandinavian Green Roof Award is an annual prize given to an outstanding green roof project in Scandinavia. The Prize is given to the organization or individual who is the owner of a house property covered with the awarded green roof.

The purpose of the Scandinavian Green Roof Award is to promote the spread of green roofs and green roofs quality and innovation value. It's not the size that is decisive, but the story.

The idea / innovation may be of different character - design, environmental protection, efficiency, public relations, marketing etc. in the park-,  landscape architecture-, nature conservation- or horticultural sector. However, among the nominated roofs a winner is selected on the basis of five different criteria.

These are the applied criteria:

  • Biodiversity: The variety of plants species and animals, and specific design for habitat replication.
  • Water: How the green roof utilizes rainwater and / or been part of the strategy for climate change adaptation.
  • Recreational value: To which extent the green roof offers recreational values.
  • Sustainability: Material selection that supports circular economy and does not include materials with an heavy environmental impact.
  • Spectacular and innovative design, and / or multi-functional design concepts.

Both large and small projects can receive the price. Simple, smart solutions are can be as interesting as the more substantial projects in the larger scale.

If you run or know an outstanding green roof projects in Scandinavia, which deserves extra attention, contact us: In you application for the award please describe how the project meet one of the five criteria.

The price is a collaboration between the Scandinavian Green Roof Association, E.ON and the Department of internal Services in Malmö City. The Scandinavian Green Roof Award has been handed out by the Scandinavian Green Roof Association since 2001.